It has become very difficult for people the people of Kathmandu to take refuse in a calm and quiet place to relax and retreat with a cup of coffee. The dust, exhaust gas, and noise of traffic honking make tires and stress us. Café Mitini is an oasis in the concrete desert. We are located just a few minutes away from Lazimpat main road where you can easily stop by but also get away from city hustles and bustles. Not only we provide varieties of Nepali coffee, hot or cold drinks and light foods, but we also provide a quiet and comfy place to sit back. Our wi-fi is also one of the best in town!

Did you know there are many coffee bushes growing all over the Nepal? Nepal even exported about 280 metric tons in the year 2012. But have you ever tasted them to make an opinion on the taste of Nepali coffee? It might be a tiring effort to find the place that actually serves Nepali coffee. There is a great chance of being deceived by burnt or expired coffee. No one is to blame as there is hardly a coffee culture in Nepal rather Nepalese usually prefer Tea (Chiya).

Café Mitini tries its best to introduce Nepali coffee for all the coffee lovers. The way to meet Nepali coffee is not just by having an Espresso or Americano. (Of course we have very good Espresso and Americano, though.) We suggest trying our Hand-drip or Dutch coffee to actually feel Nepali coffee better. Hand-drip is one of the best ways to feel the character of coffee itself, because you can control the taste while you find difficulty in brewing by an Espresso machine or French press or Mocha pot etc. If you try our hand-drip coffee, you certainly will not be able to help ypourself to avoid the second cup for Nepali coffee can be tasty with fully-bodied aftertaste.

will be more surprised when you taste Dutch coffee since there is nothing like Dutch coffee in Nepal. You might wonder if it is from the Netherlands. Obviously, it has nothing to do with Dutch, since it is named by the Japanese. (As you might know, Japanese developed so many ways of brewing coffee.) But still, it has a story that Dutch sailors invented this cold-brew-system on a boat. Yes. It is cold-brewed coffee, drop by drop, every 5~6 seconds which make it take at least 12 hours to actually taste. Moreover, we keep it for at least 3 days to make it get aged. That’s why Dutch coffee is often referred as Coffee Wine.

We also serve homemade lemon/apple tea/soda or banana/pineapple shakes from our own recipe. We can assure you the unique taste that no other cafes in Nepal can offer. We are soon going to launch homemade bakeries from October 2013 to add in your taste.