Sana Hastakala

Sana Hastakala provides business and community development programs to underprivileged handicraft producers with the aim of uplifting their socio economic condition by selling high quality traditional crafts to national and International markets through fair trade practices.

Thimi ceramic

THIMI CERAMICS is proud to be the first Stoneware ceramics producer of Nepal. All ceramics products made at Thimi Ceramics, including all glazes are formulated from lead free, non-toxic materials and are durable, detergent washable and safe for food use. Stoneware from Thimi ceramic is a high quality handmade product with a combination of modern and traditional technology and design.


‘Conviction and compassion for Sustainable Development’ Manushi is a not-profit/non government organization aiming to promote poor, disadvantaged and marginalized women and men in the world of work through training facilitating and placing them in diverse gainful employment. Manushi is a founder member of the Fair Trade Group Nepal.

Mili kala

Mili Kala is a community of artwork for the disabled and non-disabled artists where they are educated and trained in art and design skills to create distinct Nepalese wooden crafts and drawings.

Rhitu Saugat

Rhitu saugat Sells and promotes the products produced by micro entrepreneurs. Objective of Rhitu saugat is provide entrepreneurship training and employment opportunities to untouchables, indigenous and women group, and help in poverty reduction. All products are made by proper usage of local resources, as like nettle, hemp cotton, bamboo, banana fiber etc.


Women’s Skills Development Organization Pokhara is a Fair Trade Organization which has been working as non-profit organization and income generating program to economically disadvantage, disable, abused, widowed, divorced, single, out casted women from rural Nepal providing them free finest vocational skills training and after job facility to become self supportive since 1975.


Mahaguthi, Craft With a Conscience is a fair trade organization which produces, markets and exports Nepalese handicrafts items.Mahaguthi represents the efforts of more than one thousand individual producers, fifty percent of whom are from remote and mountainous areas. Many of Mahaguthi producers are women who are given the chance to employ traditional skills in their own homes, thus enabling them to generate extra income.

Nature’s Essence

Nature’s Essence is a manufacturer of hand-made natural body care products that are derived from the abundant natural resources that The Himalayas has to offer. The Himalayas is estimated to comprise of more than 6,000 medicinal herbs, which have used for centuries by the indigenous people for healing and spiritual practices. We bring you the products combining such incredible herbs and other natural raw materials to revive your body, mind and spirit.

Knot craft

Nepal knotcraft center is a pioneer manufacturer that utilizes rich culture(traditional arts and skills) and nature(rich bio-diversity) in providing employment and self-dependency to the poor. The most artisans are women from socially and economically deprived communities. Fiber weave Nepal(as a brand of Nepal knotcraft center) products are handcrafted in Nepal by women from various ethnicities who are known for their indigenous weaving traditions. These women use natural plant materials native to low-lying wetlands to the high Himalayan range.

KTS (Kumbeshwar technical school)

K.T.S is a school for socially and economically deprived pupils, in-corporating an income-generating project. Knitting provides an income for girls who have to finance their own schooling and to married women kept at home while caring for young children.


FairTrade Korea is a leading enterprise supporting Fair Trade movement in Korea. By trading eco-friendly and handmade clothing produced by women in ASIA , it supports the economic independence of those women; therefore contributes to establishing a sustainable global village.

The 4th World Project: Round Square

The story of the makers, the designers, the sellers, and the consumers: we call this the fourth world. The purpose of this project provides the opportunity to develop marketable products to fair trade producers having exceptional craft skills by collaborating with competent designers, SUSANA CAMARA LERET and JUNGYOU CHOI.


Hamro Product is a social enterprise that supports the poor, marginalized and diligent women, especially the family of the migrant worker, in pursuing their life in a better way. The program is guided by the principal “Service through the participation”. The production unit has employed the successful trainees of the SHRCDF Migrants’ Centers’ training program.