Want to know what 'Mitini' means?
Mitini is a Nepali traditional way to call soulmates between girls.(It’s called Mit between boys.) Nepali people have their Mit-Mitini who is like their own family and care about them with their heart. We named our café & shop Mitini, hoping to be Mitini to Nepali women.

Café Mitini is run by S.E.A center under the guidance of OYORI ASIA a Korean social enterprise working with women migrants in S. Korea running the restaurant business. The profit earned by 'Mitini' is utilized for all the social works performed under S.E.A center. Café Mitini too is working on its own in making social impact in Kathmandu. As a social café, we provide skill training for women to create jobs through café and also invigorate and promote the culture of coffee in Nepal. We also make seminar rooms available for other social enterprises, NGOs, and workshops on social aspects.

  • Staff training : Barista training for local women, Basic training as a server Management skills, Vocational training for the local people with the help of social enterprises and NGOs in Nepal
  • Providing seminar rooms for NGOs, social enterprises, and social related workshops
  • Promoting the culture of coffee in Nepal. Especially promoting extracting methods that are scarce in Nepal such as hand dripped coffee, Dutch coffee, and so on.
  • New menus using local ingredients.

Room Rentals

We also offer rooms for meeting or workshop with the capacity up to 20~25 people. We would be happy to support any other social enterprises or NGOs in Nepal by providing rooms, facilities with nice coffee and food. We will be pleased to offer the room space on your order of any drinks from Café Mitini for your meeting. The large size workshops will be provided 'the plate' of our own recipe sandwich and finger food or your choice of Nepali Khaja to pick. Please contact us for the reservations to organize your events.