Sustainable Travel Agency "MAP-Nepal"

  • Training fair travel guides.
  • Developing sustainable travel packages in Nepal.
  • Providing real support to needy rural villages for the purpose of making a more pleasant home stay experience for travelers.
  • Campaigns to promote sustainable tourism.

Design academy

Stabilizing market and expanding businesses for minor fair trade producers while appreciating the image of fair trade products and to revitalize fair trade businesses in Nepal.

  • Classes in Design academy: Sewing class, Designer class, Pattern class
  • Design academy and shop Mitini are cooperating to create a sales strategy for the promotion of new products made by graduates of the Design academy.


Shop MITINI is a multi-shop which introduces fair trade and vitalizes fair trade groups in Nepal.

  • Providing support for skillful but minor producers within Nepal.
  • Commercialization of products produced by the graduates of the Design academy


As a social cafe we provide skill training needed in a café for women to create jobs and to invigorate and advertise the culture of coffee in Nepal.

  • Staff training : Barista training for local women, Basic training as a server Management skills, Vocational training for the local people with the help of social enterprises and NGOs in Nepal
  • Providing seminar rooms for NGOs, social enterprises, and social related workshops
  • Promoting the culture of coffee in Nepal. Especially promoting extracting methods that are scarce in Nepal such as hand dripped coffee, Dutch coffee, and so on.
  • New menus using local ingredients.


  • SEA center archive is the special space for inspiration and information.
  • Though not so huge collection it has, the archive offer a wide variety of design, travel, Fair trade, sustainable tourism books, magazines and etc.
  • It opens for everyone. Anyone who visits SEA Center can read the books from the Archive room without charge.
  • However, we don’t lend books outside.

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