S.E.A center is a social enterprise established by the cooperation of Korea and Nepal to revitalize social enterprises in Nepal through fair trade and sustainable fair tourism and to provide multi-purposed spaces for NGOs, social enterprises, and social related workshops.


  • Training sewing and designing skills for the purpose of creating jobs for minor producers.
  • Strengthening the ability of fair trade producers for sustainable income.
  • Producing income for rural villages in Nepal through community based tourism.
  • Promoting sustainable tourism throughout Nepal.
  • Providing skill training needed in café for women.

Partnership Organization

South Korea

Sungkonghoe University

Fair trade korea G:ru

  • Social enterprise working for Fair trade in South Korea
  • Creation of quality jobs through sewing and design education for impoverished women
  • Empowering small-scale producers as professionals and networking them
  • Organizing and dispatching project team members from Korea
  • Operating Shop Mitini and Design Academy

Travelers’ Map

  • Social enterprise working for Fair travel and sustainable tourism in South Korea
  • Ending poverty, creating revenues and preserving the environment through sustainable tourism
  • Organizing and dispatching project team members from Korea
  • Educating former migratory workers as tour coordinators
  • Taking charge of CBT development
  • Operating the Map-Nepal


  • Social Enterprise working for food business migrant women and youth in food business
  • Creation of quality jobs through hospitality training especially for impoverished women
  • Organizing and dispatching project team members from Korea
  • Operating Café Mitini


AHRCDF(Asian Human Rights Culture Development Forum)

  • Partnership for the local project planning & operation
  • Overall project coordination including local surveys and networking
  • Supporting the programs targeting former migrant workers and impoverished women while running business at the same time

CCODER(Center for Community Development & Research)

  • Operating communities’ respective self-initiated development programs and running the educational, health and empowerment programs
  • Support and cooperation for the promotion of CBT
  • Networking with locals in connection with community programs
  • Planning and operating small-scale community projects


  • Operation of diverse projects related to cultural preservation and community development at the community level
  • Organizing CBT homestay programs and tour programs and providing necessary support
  • Cooperation for contracts with other community organizations and implementing community management based on training


FTG Nepal(Fair Trade Group Nepal)

  • Supporting the project on the basis of its experiences networking 17 local fair trade producer groups and 5 shops
  • Supporting the local educational programs and workshops through a Nepal fair trade network

Organization Chart

Organization Chart